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Dental Implants in Rantoul and Champaign, IL

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In the past patients missing several of their teeth have only really had three traditional options for replacing empty spaces where the teeth once were,

  1. Removable partial dentures
  2. Fixed partial dentures or dental bridges
  3. Implants

Each are time proven treatments options with their own positives and negatives. Dental Implants have revolutionized these treatments as well, giving us more options and reducing the downfalls of each treatment option. Now instead of having to alter or put negative pressures on remaining natural teeth, these prosthesis can be retained using implants instead. Our office focuses on removable dentures and implants, but please let us know if you are interested in replacing teeth with fixed dental bridge or crowns on top of implants

The fixed full arch zirconia restoration, or Prettau bridge, is a top tier restoration! It is one of the closest options possible to having your natural teeth back! It is like the fixed hybrid except made from a much stronger material. Zirconia is like a "white metal", so we get the strength of metal but fantastic looks as well! It takes away any downfalls of the hybrid denture, which is a fantastic restoration itself. The strength of zirconia virtually eliminated the chances of part of the restoration breaking when you get all of that bite force back!

The 4-implant overdenture is an extremely stable restoration, taking the 2-implant overdenture to the next level. With 4 implants snapped in, you have removed almost all the movement with the denture! It works the same way as the two-implant overdenture, but just more stability. With four you can get even more of your biting force back and really start chewing the foods you love and have missed dearly! The increased number of implants stabilizes more of the bone loss and takes more pressure off the gums. Think of this as more a three or four-legged chair.

Four is the minimum number of implants that would be placed in the upper jaw to support denture due to the face that the bone is a lot softer in the upper jaw.

In some cases, a special metal bar can be fabricated to give the utmost stability with a denture.

The advantage of the standard diameter implants can really start to be see here. The connector piece on a standard size implant can be changed from the one that snaps into a removable denture to a connector piece that a special type of denture or restoration is screwed into, and its fixed. You have to have at least four implants to do this, and most often more than that. However, the beautiful thing here is that if a person can't do that level of treatment now, or isn't sure, they can work their way up to it from an over denture as long as standard diameter implants have been used and the bone in the other areas permit placement of more! Refer to fixed-hybrid denture.

The Atlantis Conus overdenture is a new fantastic treatment option for people missing all of their teeth in their upper or lower jaw. Is it the perfect "in between" option of the "snap on" removable overdenture and the "fixed" hybrid. Through use of precisely milled "friction connectors", patients receive a denture with the benefits of both fixed and removable solutions. The tight prevision fit delivers the comfort, function, and confidence of a fixed denture, while still being able to remove it from easier hygiene and maintenance.

  • Function and secure feel of fixed solutions, but at a much lower cost.
  • Optimal chewing function and sense of taste thanks to free- palate design
  • Great esthetic results
  • Removable so easy to clean and maintain both around the gums and the implants and the denture
  • Do not have to worry about retention inserts in the denture wearing out over time and needing to be changed.

When you come to see Dr. Scott, he will evaluate your case and tell you if you are a candidate for dental implants. Most patients with adequate bone mass can have implants, although it varies among individuals. Typically, an x-ray and CT-scan are performed to determine if you have enough bone to place the implant, as well as to verify the size and kind of implant that should be placed.

If you have any questions about dental implants and you live in or around Champaign, give us a call today!