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Maintain Your Oral Health

In order to maintain a healthy mouth, fresh breath and clean teeth, it's important that you schedule an appointment with a dentist once every six months. Even if we brush our teeth twice a day, every day, there are still areas we may miss that a dentist can help us maintain.

For over a decade, R. Benjamin Scott, DMD has been providing dependable dental care for patients in Rantoul and Champaign, IL. Whether you need routine dental care or your wisdom teeth are hurting, we have the skills and expertise to handle all of your dental care needs.

Toothbrushing 101

Any dentist will tell you that the first step toward maintaining proper oral hygiene is to brush often. But not all of us know the proper way to brush our teeth. Choose a soft toothbrush with a small head. Next, you should choose a good toothpaste - one with fluoride such as Colgate Total or Crest Multicare.

After applying a pea-sized amount of toothpaste to your brush, choose a specific location in your mouth and work your way to the opposite side. On chewing surfaces, short strokes work best to get the plaque out of the grooves and pits. Attempt to brush 2-3 teeth at a time, gently pressing the toothbrush against your gums, ensuring the bristles go in between your teeth, sweeping away the plaque. Brush at least twice a day, and after each meal if possible.

These quick tips will help you on the journey to better oral health, along with scheduling a routine appointment with R. Benjamin Scott, DMD.