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Dentistry is expensive. We know that. We also know that it is a difficult expense to budget when someone is without dental insurance. In effort to make oral health a regular affordable option, Dr. Scott and Dr. Schorsch are excited to announce to you their Membership Program!

Membership Program:

Pay Monthly or Annually to Pay Less than Paying For Dental Insurance:

  • No Annual Maximums
  • No Waiting Periods
  • No Annual Deductibles
  • No Procedure Restrictions

We have established a program that can allow patients to pay less out of pocket fees than they normally would for cleanings, exams, and X-rays annually. In addition, our plan gives members the opportunity of a similar reduction percent on fees for fillings, crowns, or other dental needs as those that have dental insurance.

Here's How it Works:
We've made it simple as . . .
  1. A patient will pick a plan that best meets their dental needs.
  2. A monthly or a yearly payment will be automatically withdrawn.
  3. The patient gains the benefit of top of the line dental care as shown below.

Membership Plans:
We have developed 5 membership plans. Membership plans are a one year commitment. All membership plans provide the following dental benefits. These benefits combined cannot be bought from any dental insurance plan and provide a huge discount to our members.
  • Free Exams
  • Free Teeth Cleanings
  • Free X-rays
  • Free Oral Cancer Screenings
  • Free Fluoride Treatments
  • Free Emergency Care

In addition, Dental Savings Plan Members get 15% - 35% off all Treatments

We're Not Kidding... We've gone the extra mile to develop this plan because we care about the oral health of this community. We know what happens when dental care gets neglected, and we don't want to see it happen to you!

Our Goal:

Make dentistry an affordable option for every household.

Everyone knows that Dental Health is important, and most everyone knows what can happen when regular dental checkups do not occur. However, dental Insurance is not always affordable, and paying a large lump sum at the time of appointment is difficult for many. Membership with our practice simplifies it into one reasonable monthly fee that can easily be put into a budget.

Has this ever happened to you?
Your doctor recommends a treatment to make you better, but that treatment is not a covered benefit in your insurance plan. Unfairly, you have to choose a less than optimal treatment that is covered, or to pay out of pocket.

We see the above scenario all the time with dental insurance, but, with the Membership Program, all procedures are covered.

Know what's even better?
We've never been able to understand why a person should have to pay monthly premiums yet still get stripped for another X amount of dollars prior to benefit coverage. That's why we eliminated the above from our program. If you are a Member, you will never have to pay an annual deductible prior to using your Membership Benefits.

Your Coverage Doesn't Stop at $1,000
Even though you are paying a high premium each month for dental insurance, a well-kept secret is that most dental insurance plans have a very low maximum. Meaning that, when care is necessary, it's likely that the insured patient will be paying more out of pocket than the expected percentage written in their plan. Our Membership Program does not have annual maximums. The percentage off services applies to all treatment regardless of the size of the treatment plan.

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Still Not Convinced?

Here's a few more benefits that we've included in ALL of our Membership Plans.

  • $1000 Off INVISALIGN Treatment
  • $1000 Off Cosmetic Dental Service
  • $500 Off Dental Implant Treatment
Another thing you may want to know...
We are not a corporate run dental practice. We are a two office, two dentist, family dental practice. We sincerely appreciate that you have taken the time to learn about our Membership Program, and if membership makes sense for you, we are happy to help you get started.

If You Would Like Assistance,
Or would prefer to speak with us in person, we can do that also. Click this link below to go to our contact page and fill out a phone or an email where we can reach you to answer any other questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you soon!